Welcome to the psychedelic metaverse of Crypto Shrooms!

Minting Not Yet Available - Join Discord for updates!

Minting Not Yet Available - Join Discord for updates!

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The Story

Crypto Shrooms are alive in the Shroom metaverse! A land of a limited number of unique NFT beings wandering the Ethereum blockchain.

Shrooms fall into 5 races:

  • Humans
  • Zombies
  • Vampires
  • Demons
  • and Aliens

with Demons and Aliens being the rarest and Humans, Zombies and Vampires being more common.

We love Pixel Art and that's why we focused only on a pure 8-bit pixel design of the characters. We believe the Crypto Shroom metaverse offers something for everybody, whether you're an experienced crypto collector or someone who's just starting out in NFTs.

Join our dedicated discord server for updates and to share your thoughts and feelings!

Collection Stats

Mint Cost
Early Birds
Pre Sale
Live Sale
0.015 ETH
0.03 ETH
0.05 ETH
*Mint cost + gas fees at the time of minting.
  • Max Supply: 9,999
  • Reserved Supply:50 (reserved for community giveaways)
  • Resell Royalty Fees:3%
  • Token Type:ERC-721
  • File Hosting:IPFS
  • Collection Provenance:Yes!



Humans are ruling Shroom Land in different Kingdoms and currently have the biggest population among the Shrooms which is 55%.


Zombies were once humans. They live in the swamps near Human’s Kingdoms and their population amongst Shrooms is believed to be around 20%.


Were also once humans. They live in dark places up in the mountains of Shroom Land and their population amongst Shrooms is believed to be around 20%.


Demons live underground and once ruled Shroom Land. At the Great War of Shrooms they were defeated by the 12 Kingdoms of Humans. Their population now is believed to be less than 3%.


A handful of star travelers, around 2% only, recently discovered Shroom Land and found out that they were not alone in the Shroom metaverse.

Road Map - 2 more collections

Crypto Shrooms Themed

Additionally, a limited number of collectible themed Human Shrooms will be available for presale at a discount price only to Genesis Crypto Shroom holders. After the pre-sale ends these will be made available to the public on Opensea at a higher list price. Some categories include Country flags, brands, games.

Baby Crypto Shrooms

Following the drop of this collection will be a collection of Baby Crypto Shrooms. More info TBA.

Join our discord server to stay in the loop and for some sneak previews of what’s to come!

Collection 1 - Genesis

A limited number of randomly generated and unique characters of 5 Shroom types available to make your own.


  • Initial Idea

    The inception of Crypto Shrooms!

  • Artwork Creation Begins

    Work begins to expand on the initial idea of Crypto Shrooms. Hours of research, hundreds of draft sketches and finally, Crypto Shrooms begins to come alive right in front of our eyes. Once initial designs were locked in, the traits came next.

  • Development and deployment of Smart Contract and Website

    Work starts on development of the smart contract, based on ERC-721. Along with a custom NFT Generator script for the ultimate random generation of the final NFTs which are to be made available.

  • Marketing Go Live

    Crypto Shrooms is introduced to the world. Website is launched. Twitter, Discord and other social media channels follow and promotion begins.

  • Pre-Sale Launch and Airdrops

    Fellow followers of the project are able to pre-mint their NFT's and seal in their purchase of their very own Crypto Shrooms. Airdrops follow for those who have joined the pre-sale.

  • Opensea Reveal

    Collection reveal is made available on Opensea post-minting.

  • Giveaways

    Multiple giveaways of up to $15k in ETH to be awarded to randomly selected, verified project backers!

  • Preparation and deployment of provenance

    Shortly after the Opensea collection reveal we will generate a "digital certificate of ownership" and store it on the blockchain. This provenance ID will provide a proof of ownership, something which even the biggest NFT collections to date have not got in place!


NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT shows exclusive ownership of a particular digital asset (e.g., a piece of art). You might purchase an NFT at a certain price, but because it’s non-fungible, its market value is likely to fluctuate.

But digital files can be easily and endlessly duplicated, right? That's correct but with NFTs, artwork can be "tokenised" to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold.

After you purchase your very own Crypto Shrooms you are free to do with it as you please. You own it! You can hold it in your collection, give it away or sell it!

You'll firstly need to have a Metamask wallet which you can then use to "connect" with our website and then through Ethereum blockchain complete your purchase. Find out more about using metamask here. Once connected, make sure you have enough Ether in your wallet and then proceed to purchase a Crypto Shroom.

The pre-sale date will be announced through Discord closer to the time. Join our dedicated discord server to have your say on when and stay in the loop on updates.

We currently set the resale royalties to 3% in Opensea.

The Crypto Shrooms collection will be listed on Opensea once the pre-sale is over.

You can join our dedicated discord server to find out more about the Crypto Shrooms project.

Who is behind Crypto Shrooms?

Two long time friends who have been involved in all things crypto since the inception of bitcoin. Projects like these are what we live for and enjoy sharing our art and ideas with fellow crypto lovers and art collectors alike!


An entrepreneur and a crypto enthusiast, web & blockchain developer that loves to code.


Long time crypto enthusiast, front end web developer and pixel pushing designer who loves all things crypto.


All of our projects are built for the community, always.

We pour our hearts, souls and time into these in order to spread the excitement and to help those around us. We're in it for the long run.

We ask you to join us on our next steps and invite you to be a part of this project as if it were your own.

Community is key, and we are here to listen, discuss & enjoy this journey together.